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UNDPD bails out Shane Gerisch

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Grand Forks, ND (WDAZ-TV)

A familiar face was back in Grand Forks and some hockey fans were hoping he would be stuck here. That almost happened.

Fresh off his Stanley Cup win former UND star Shane Gersich came back to pick up his stuff he left behind after being called up by the Washington Capitals a few months ago only to find his pickup would not start.

So he tweeted UND PD for a jumpstart.

UNDPD came to his rescue and got the pickup going so Shane could make it home tomorrow to Minnesota for a few days before returning to the Capitals.

“I have had some troubles actually my last three years at North Dakota. I know my freshman year they put the little stopper on my car because I had so many tickets, and I have had some troubles with my car here, ya know the guys were supposed to start my car and keep it going but I don't think they did that. The battery died and luckily the police came. I sent them a message on Twitter and they came out and jumped my car and I'm thankful for them I guess,” Gerisch said.

Police say Gersich is familiar to them, they've jump started his car a few times.

Hopefully he gets some bonus money for winning the cup so he can buy a new battery.