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City will now collect tree debris from homes following summer storm

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--The city is changing up a cleanup policy after this weekend's storm.

Grand Forks residents have been responsible for picking up their own tree debris, but now, the city's making an exception.

The landfill says over the two days following the storm, they've received over 256 tons of tree debris.

Over the next two weeks, the city will sweep through to collect fallen branches.

The mayor says they felt they needed to do more after how much damage was caused.

"When you see the breadth and depth of the destruction that came through our community, it was no longer an individual problem, but a community problem. And then it goes to, 'who has the resources to deal with this?' and the community has the resources cause we have the Park District and we have Public Works,” said Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown.

The landfill will be extending their free drop-off days for storm debris through Saturday.