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Landfill bustling with storm debris intake

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--On Monday, the landfill was bustling with storm debris.

By Monday afternoon, people had brought in more than 100 tons of branches.

Monday through Wednesday, you can drop off your tree debris off at the Landfill for free.

If you have some extra storm debris, you can bring them into the public works facility, or Williamson Field in Grand Forks.

Landfill crews have been working hard with the streets department to clean up the city.

Here's how they compare yesterday's storms to past years.

“Yeah, it's been quite a while since we've had extensive amount of trees down like this. It's been in years, yes,” said Landfill Supervisor, John McNelis.

If you have a small quantity that you would like the city to dispose of with a wood chipper, contact GF Public Works at 738-8740 (there is a fee of $35 for 5mins, and $1 per minute after).

The city and Park District are out taking care of downed trees blocking roads and BERM TREES ONLY--the city will trim and remove those trees since they are the responsibility of the city.

Trees in yards are the responsibility of residents.

As of Monday, the city has two main sites for tree debris: One at the Public Works garage, and one at 5th and Demers.

These are designated for branches. During the week residents can bring tree debris to the landfill.

As for larger limbs, residents need to contract for removal, or cut them up themselves--if you have tree trimming done, the landfill asks that you contact the contractor to chip and remove the debris.

The Grand Forks Park District cleans up all park and berm tree damage around the city of Grand Forks.

The Park District estimates roughly 2-3 weeks of tree removal needed for clean-up of parks and berms.