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Summer storm topples hundreds of trees in New Rockford

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NEW ROCKFORD, ND (WDAZ)--People in one small town are still without power after 100 mile-an-hour winds uproot hundreds of trees.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase took us to the scene of the wreckage.

"All around New Rockford you'll see trees snapped in half like twigs. Neighbors tell me it could be weeks before they clean up this massive mess."

A violent storm woke Samantha Pfeiffer's family up early Sunday morning.

"More damage than I've ever seen here in my entire life,” said resident, Samantha Pfeiffer.

And it wasn't just her home.

Around 4 AM on Sunday, people across town went outside to see what was left.

"We surveilled our yard and saw we had five trees down, my son and I went walking and trees everywhere,” said Pfeiffer.

Neighbors told WDAZ News they think hundreds of trees are either uprooted or damaged.

A few blocks over -- one man's home is under multiple trees.

He refused to go on camera but says he's surprised his evergreen will soon be no more.

Plus -- the trees took power lines down with them.

"It's really interesting.You don't realize how much you don't depend on power until its 87 degrees and you can't run your air,” said Pfeiffer.

The New Rockford Fire Department tells WDAZ News only 40 percent of the town has power restored.

Fire crews say power will hopefully be back on for most of the town later tonight.

As people move branches out of their yards -- volunteers from Devils Lake and Carrington gathered to bring cases of water and food.

"The best thing about this little town and all these small communities is something bad happens and everybody pulls together and everybody's helping everybody. So yeah that was great.   

On the outskirts of town -- the park still over a dozen damaged trees.

And pieces of the airport hanger are spread out across the nearby field.

"It's just unbelievable and it's going to take time but we'll get there eventually."

One of the worst storms to hit the area in years.