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Safety tips for drivers ahead of first snowfall

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THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minn. - A winter storm is smacking the region.

Streets crews spent the day preparing for slick roads.

"Less work for spring if I can clean some of it up now,” Thief River Falls resident Jill Tunberg said.

It's the last day for Jill Tunberg's garden in Thief River Falls.

She's clearing her beets for the winter.

"And if it does then we just have a really early winter and we can start snowmobiling and skiing and doing all the fun winter things,” Tunberg said.

The storm could bring several inches of snow, and slick roads early Friday morning.

"The early events are always probably the most problematic. People aren't used to those conditions,” Public Works Director Mark Borseth said.

Streets crews across the region have been prepping sand and snow plows.

"People aren't used to those conditions so we just advise people to allow a little extra time. And slow down and be careful and be patient,” Borseth said.

Snow or sunshine,Tunberg says her family and here garden are ready.

"Enjoy the weather whether it's 80 degrees or 40 degrees or 30 degrees. It's just nice being outside," Tunberg said.

With temperatures expected to heat up to the 40s, crews say the snow won’t last.