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Some burn bans in place across Minnesota

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EAST GRAND FORKS, MN--Firefighters are concerned about the hot weather this weekend and are asking the public to be cautious.

Polk County is currently under a burn ban - but small campfires are allowed.

The combination of this hot streak and little rain - plus crops nearing harvest make the conditions ripe for a fire to ignite.

Emergency leaders are reminding the public not to toss things like cigarettes out the window and if you have a campfire make sure you have a hose nearby.

“We have more crop land around here that's ready to just ignite at any time. So, throwing cigarettes out in the ditches, things like that can ignite these fields and we don't really have a way to contain them, except for when they get to the next mile road. So, we're going to burn a whole wheat field up pretty quick,” said Paul Hansen, with the East Grand Forks Fire Department

Most of the North Dakota side of the Red River does not have any restrictions except for Cavalier County