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BREAKING: No injuries reported after a garage caught fire in Mapleton, ND

Grand Forks family loses home in fire

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)--A Grand Forks mom and her three children are without a home, after a massive fire broke out while she was cooking dinner.

It all started in a neighborhood off of North 51st Street, where a mom was cooking dinner for her kids when a fire broke out.

"She was getting ready to deep fry some mushrooms I believe it was and then the oil caught on fire on top of the stove,” said Battalion Chief, Bruce Weymier.

A scary night for a quiet community.

"We just so happened to look down the street and there was a trailer that was smoking and caught on fire,” said neighbor, Eva Johnston.

Neighbors concerned for the family.

"Your pulse quickens, your stomach turns a little bit just thinking that there might be kids inside a structure,” said Weymier.

The mother, her three children, three cats, a dog and bunny all made it out ok.

Some people I talked to refused to go on camera but said they saw the family crying as crews tried to save their home.

More than a dozen fire fighters dumped about 50 gallons of water on the blaze.

"Just that I'm glad that everybody was ok and the firefighters were here and got it under control,” said Johnston.

The home has $40-thousand dollars in damage.

"It would've been sad if anybody would've gotten caught in the fire of course,” said Johnston.

But this isn't the only home to go up in smoke this spring.

Fire officials say four other homes also have heavy damage after cooking fires.

"Please don't cook with unattended. If you get distracted, make sure you turn your burners off on your stove,” said Weymier.

The Red Cross is helping the family.

Click here if you would like to donate to help the family with their financial needs following the fire.