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Grand Forks Walmart adds robo-shopping

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GRAND FORKS, ND--People at Walmart can now shop with a robot.

It's known as the Walmart Pickup Tower.

The south end store is the first in North Dakota to have one.

The pickup tower is a 16 foot robot that helps you pickup your online orders.

You walk up and scan the order confirmation barcode on your phone and the machine finds your order and presents it like a vending machine.

If you don't have a smartphone, you can print your order barcode or just type in your order number.

"People are impressed, a little bit in awe. it's a large machine, it's a little bit scary, but that's why we have our personal shoppers up here to help take the scary out of it. So far it's worked really well and everybody's been kind of surprised by it and impressed,” said Assistant Store Manager, Eric Van Muyden.

The machine can hold up to 300 packages.

If it's a large item - you can find that in a locker next to the robot.

Really big items like appliances are still held in back - but the machine will prompt an associate to go retrieve it.