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Exterminator advice: Tips for tackling wasps

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EAST GRAND FORKS, MN--Bug season is about to get a lot worse, according to local exterminators.  

They sting.

"You'll see a lot more noticeable nests. You’ll see them in the ground,” said Robert Derrick, of Complete Pest Control Inc.

And right now -- many more are buzzing around town.

"They're getting worse and worse as fall gets to us."

Wasps -- a pest that's common this time of year.

"They just keep on reproducing their nests. And workers for the queen to survive on the nests. By fall they are up to 600 in a hive."

But getting rid of the bugs isn't as easy as it seems.

A friend of Reporter Kenneth Chase recommended an easy fix for wasp problems--the ingredients can be found around the house. Here’s what you’ll need:

-Dish soap

-Paint sticks

-Cat food

-A baking tray

The idea behind it is that wasps will be attracted to the meat--they’ll fall into the soapy water, and won’t be able to fly out after they eat.

After an hour in the sun, and right under the nest, only one wasp hovered over the trap.

"Not heard about the cat food trick but I've definitely heard about soapy water and raw meat,” said Derrick.

Exterminators say there's a better way.

"I don't think it's very effective. And they'll just keep on reproducing."

Instead they recommend you use a special spray.

"Wait till dark to do that when they all are in there. And then use a wasp freeze product that will saturate the nest and then move away and come back and they should be dead."

But if you're allergic or worried about getting stung -- exterminators can get rid of your hive for as low as 85 dollars.

Tips to get a flying bug of your back.