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Senator Amy Klobuchar speaks to farmers

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EAST GRAND FORKS, Minn. - On Friday afternoon, Senator Amy Klobuchar stopped by City Hall in East Grand Forks to meet with farmers.

Klobuchar listened to their concerns about the farm bill, especially trade issues.

The hall Friday afternoon was used talk to local farmers and union members about their thoughts and concerns regarding the farm bill and trade issues.

Most farmers had positive things to say about the bill, especially since it would keep strong sugar programs.

Farmers expressed were the proposed 12 billion dollar farm bailout, and the ongoing trade issues and tariffs.

The Vice President of the Farmer's union says while they value the farm bill, it's not their first priority.

“If you don't have enough money to pay your operating loan, you don't need a farm bill. We need money. You know, we need to have a good commodity price, we need trade agreements that help us encourage a fluent flow of grains out of the country, cause we can't consume it all,” said Vice President of the Minnesota Farmers Union, Bryan Klabunde.