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Manvel Electricity restored

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MANVEL, ND (WDAZ)--After a night without electricity, people in Manvel are turning their appliances back on.

WDAZ's Kenneth Chase gives us a warning from emergency responders.

An accident sent a small town into a frenzy.

"Everything cuts off. Without electricity you can't do anything,” said Manvel resident, Phil Yale.

Phil Yale needs power for his appliance repair business.

"No electricity you can't' really do hardly anything you know. You don't want the terrorists to get a hold of that,” said Yale.

But last night -- he was one of a handful of people in town waiting for the power to come back on.

Emergency responders say a man driving a tractor wasn't familiar with the area.

He took a wrong turn down 7th Street -- sending the machine right through these lines.

"By the time he had looked he had already caught the first set of lines,” said Manvel Fire Chief, Steven Schumer.

The Manvel Volunteer Fire Department stopped traffic as a safety precaution.

"If you get tangled up into these power lines please do not get out of your equipment. Your tractor now becomes live,” said Schumer.

Eventually crews figured out the tractor took out a telephone line -- and hit the power above.

If you come across a similar accident -- responders say you should wait for professionals to arrive before doing anything.

"Power is so strong it could take your life immediately,” said Schumer.

For some, power was back on within a half hour.

A couple of homeowners say Ottertail Power Company Crews were working on the downed poles until four this morning.

"Shut down electricity and boy I'll tell you. You wouldn't be able to do much,” said Yale.

The company says the power was back on for everyone by 7 AM.