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Town honors student for spirit of service

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STEPHEN, MN (WDAZ)--One small town is honoring a high school with a student who has a spirit of service, and a heart of gold.

“Would Carson Pagnac please come to the stage?”

Award after award, Carson Pagnac is racking them up.

"I've been in choir for four years. Just joined band this year. It's kind of a new start for me. I've been in Theater productions between the musical and one act plays since 7th grade,” said Senior, Carson Pagnac.

From choir to track, he’s been busy.

But today, Stephen Argyle High School is honoring him for his accomplishments and his spirit of service.

"He's always there when you need him. He's that all around person that's going to make a difference in the world,” said Carson Pagnac’s Choir Teacher.

"He's the most kind-hearted person I know. He would travel the world and back for somebody,” said Carson’s best friend, Autumn Thompson.

The class of 2018 all agreed to give him a special gift for graduation--a scholarship in honor of his uncle who died two years ago.  

"We knew like this means the world to Carson to win this. And we just step back and we said this is all Carson. This is Carson's show,” said Thompson.

No one in the senior class applied in order to ensure Pagnac's win.

"Very near and dear. My brother meant a lot to everybody. That one was special,” said Carson’s mom, Stephanie Pagnac.

Carson's uncle was a volunteer firefighter -- a man on a mission to help where he could.

And people who know Carson say he's just like him.

"His smart-alec comments to his mom or me or whatever. My son was great at that,” said Carson’s Grandfather, Carl Troska.

Handling emergencies -- is a gift that runs in the family.

Pagnac is a volunteer on the Stephen Ambulance Service.

"Just a deep breath and say ok you're the person that helps them before the hospital so you got to try and do your best to help them,” said Carson Pagnac.

It's a career path -- inspired by his brother's lawn mower accident four years ago.

He's still recovering in Minneapolis today with their dad.

"I do wish that both my dad and my brother would be here today but the situations just aren't there,” said Carson Pagnac.

"Mrs. Jensen doesn't stop talking about Concordia. There's no way I'm going there."

But he's had a change of heart.

Carson is heading to Concordia, hoping to major in nursing.

Adding today's awards, he's got $76-thousand dollars in scholarships he's taking with him--nearly two full years of tuition.

"Just proud of him. Aim high keep going. I love you,” said Stephanie Pagnac.

An emotional send off--

"I can't even comprehend, thank everybody for what they did. I just want to thank my classmates for everything they've done. Not just for the scholarship but through the years,” said Carson.

for a senior star.