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Neighbors weigh-in on dog day care set to move in on the north end of Grand Forks

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GRAND FORKS, ND (WDAZ)-- Residents in one neighborhood are barking mad as a dog day care business is set to move in.

A building on the North End of Grand Forks could soon transform into a dog daycare holding up to 60 dogs during the day and 30 overnight.

"This location just really isn't a great location for a dog daycare,” said Julie Grabanski, who lives nearby.

Neighbors concerned they’ll have extra noise in the area.

"I'm looking for peace and quiet. I'm looking to be able to sleep at night. I'm looking to be able to spend time outside with my family. And I think that will be disrupted,” said Grabanski.

Petopia dog daycare is set to move in here.

City leaders say dogs will only be outside to use the bathroom in a space behind the building -- and away from homes.

"This area is sort of secluded in an area that has buffering of the buildings and then buffering of the fence itself,” said Planning Director, Brad Gengler.

The city's ordinance says the daycare should be 3-hundred feet from homes.

And this one is 70 feet closer than it should be -- but the city plans to make an exception.

"We feel that that lessening of that 300 foot distance won't have a negative impact on the operation or the residents,” said Gengler.

The city council could approve the project later this month.

It's a new neighbor some residents welcome.

"I think once the people find out about it I think their business will do well. And it's an improvement,” said Carilynn Maw, who lives nearby.

Carilynn Maw is one of four people who live across the street.

She's hoping Petopia will change the face of the area.

"We have to look at progress and we're wanting more things to come downtown, or come into the North end and I think this is a wonderful idea,” said Maw.

And -- she says the neighborhood is already noisy.

A few dogs nearby won't bother her.

"When they have functions downtown and the bands are playing I can hear that. It doesn't bother me. I hear the racetrack in the summer. And we're only a block from Gateway,” said Maw.

"They're already working on the building. It almost looks like it's a done deal. So we kind of fell like did we get a voice in this process or not?" said Grabanski.

If the Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a public meeting on Wednesday at 7 PM.