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Shirtless man found dead

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GRAND FORKS, ND--A body was found along one of the city’s busiest streets on Tuesday morning.

The half-naked body was found along North Washington, near Deeks Pizza--it was spotted by someone driving by.

The driver found the body in the front yard of a vacant home, just after 10 AM on Tuesday morning.

Police say it is possible the man may have been there overnight--they say he was only wearing pants, but a shirt was nearby.

Investigators have identified the man and his family is aware--but they won’t release his name until Wednesday.

It's unclear when the man was last seen alive.

Police say they did not notice any signs of trauma, and at this point, they are not sure how the man died.

“That's certainly a possibility with no signs of trauma that's certainly possible it was a medical issue then again we have to wait for the autopsy to answer that,” said Lt. Brett Johnson, with the Grand Forks Police Department.

A preliminary autopsy takes a couple of days, but a full autopsy can take a couple of months.