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Cold case heats up in Kittson County

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KITTSON COUNTY, MN--A cold case heats up in Kittson County -- as authorities search for clues decades later.

41-year-old Becky Jo Look has been missing since October 1995.

On Wednesday, more than 20 years later police are hoping to figure out what happened.

Since they posted a video on Facebook on Tuesday morning, the Kittson County Sheriff tells me they've been busy all day today working on this case.

They won't tell us specifically why, but they decided to talk to people to see if they could come up with new leads.

At the time, Investigators looked into tips that she rode a bus to Albuquerque but they couldn't confirm that's what happened.

They say her friends told them they noticed something odd about her disappearance.

"A friend in Halma said you know what? I kind of thought it was odd she never said goodbye. She just kind of left. So the information we're finding out and stuff, it seems to be pointing right back to Kittson County,” said Kittson County Sheriff Steve Porter.

Look wasn't reported missing for 4 months...until February of 1996.

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