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Thief River Falls City Council meeting comes to fisticuffs over a splash pad

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THIEF RIVER FALLS, MN--A city council comes to fisticuffs over a splash pad.

Kenneth Chase spoke directly with investigators about the fight.

The fight started over a proposed splash pad.

It got so heated that it ended with one city councilman on the ground and both under investigation.

It happened earlier this week at a committee meeting.

Councilman Josh Hagen says he got into a pushing match with chair Jerald Brown.

At some point -- Hagen says Brown even threatened him with a chair.

That's when Hagen admits to pushing Brown so hard he fell.

Kenneth Chase spoke directly with the sheriff's department to ask if there is any video of the meeting or altercation -- but the sheriff says there is not.

Hagen filed a complaint -- and now it's up to prosecutors to take the next steps.

"We have interviewed witnesses, that were present during the committee meeting. A lot of those interviews will be transcribed here in the next day or two and all our paperwork will be going over to the county attorney's office,” said Pennington County Sheriff, Ray Kuznia.

The sheriff told Kenneth Chase it's up to the county attorney to decide to press charges.

It's the talk of the town in Thief River Falls--one man even asked Reporter Kenneth Chase if he was armed with a chair when he appeared to do the interview.