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Park Rapids man wielding hatchet faces three felonies

A Park Rapids man is in the Becker County jail after allegedly assaulting a woman and then chasing around a man, who tried to intervene, around with a hatchet.

Wayne Lee Patton, 48, is charged with three felonies - assault with a dangerous weapon and two domestic assault charges.

According to the complaint filed with Becker County District Court, sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of domestic violence at a residence on McHugh Road on June 16. Officers spoke with a known female who said the incident began when Patton hit her over the back of the head with a stick while they were sitting around a campfire.

According to the report, the female went into the house and was about to put a brace up against the door, when Patton allegedly kicked open the door, hitting her in the head and causing a cut.

The woman then reportedly texted her daughter a photo of herself to show what Patton had done.

The daughter and some friends then showed up to check up on things. According to the report, they pretended to leave but instead watched through a window. They told police they witnessed Patton throw a heater at the female and slice her mattress with a sword.

A known male then arrived and a disagreement ensued with Patton, who witnesses say grabbed a hatchet and began running after the man, swinging it.

Patton has previous convictions of domestic assault from 2009 and 2011.