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'They did everything together': North Dakota couple die within three days of each other

Sarah "Sally" Kaspari and David Kaspari

FARGO — A husband and wife from Sheldon, N.D., recently died within just a few days of each other.

David Kaspari, 86, and Sally Kaspari, 81, were married for 58 years before passing away in their most recent home at Rosewood on Broadway in Fargo.

Sally had a respiratory illness and wasn't doing well before David unexpectedly died last Friday morning.

"After Dad passed, she didn't want to eat or drink anything. She wasn't making any progress toward recovery," said daughter Sarah. Sally died Monday, three days later.

The couple's nine remaining children gathered Tuesday for a prayer service at Boulger Funeral Home in Fargo. They said last year's sudden death of their brother, Michael Kaspari, after a fall was hard on their parents.

But the family remains close. Despite pursuing different careers and moving to various places over the years, all nine siblings ended up back in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Having grown up in Sheldon, they reflect on fond memories spent together on the farm.

"I remember Mom calling out to him at dinner time. She would yell 'David, Davey Love!' from the porch," Sarah said.

She and her sister remember gathering all 10 siblings in the living room to hear their father read books to them before bed. She teared up Tuesday at the recollection of begging for him to read "one more page."

The children said their parents had a great marriage. They loved dancing, singing and reading, so much that even recently they would occasionally stay up until 3 a.m. reading books together.

David was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 50 but his memory and singing abilities remained sharp, Sarah said.

She said her mom always wanted to die before David because she couldn't live without him. "They did everything together. There were seldom moments when they were apart," she said.

A joint funeral for both David and Sally will be held Wednesday, March 28, at 2 p.m. at Our Lady of the Scapular Catholic Church in Sheldon.