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Hundreds bowl to support Toys for Tots program in Grand Forks

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GRAND FORKS—Hundreds of people in Grand Forks laced up their bowling shoes and hit Red Ray lanes to help put presents under the tree this Christmas.

This is the second annual '9 Pin Tournament for Charity' hosted by 12 year old Calaeb Sapa.

Calaeb has been bowling since he was 4 years old, and came up with the idea for the tournament last year.

He wanted to help Toys for Tots and children less fortunate than him, so he figured out a fun way for anyone to get involved.

The bowlers delivered, helping Calaeb reach his goal of collecting 500 toys in the first 30 minutes alone.

"Well I thought about how I have quite a bit of stuff. And other kids don't have enough money to get things for Christmas. So if we could give back to the community, that would be very good," said Calaeb Sapa, Event Organizer.

Calaeb will take all the toys collected and bring them over to the Grand Forks United Way himself to donate to their 'Toys for Tots' program.