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Heartwarming harvest

GRAND FORKS, ND--Families in need have more fresh food options after a local grandmother grew a ton of vegetables.

But she wasn't the only one that pitched in.

Vegetable by vegetable, volunteers harvested the last of this summer’s crop.

"Cucumbers tomatoes corn. All that healthy stuff,” said Volunteer, Sabine Quackenbush.

"You should always eat vegetables and not hate vegetables,” said Volunteer, Claire Quackenbush.

The Quackenbush sisters are some of the smallest volunteers taking care of a special spot in the community garden.

"Because it's the right thing to do. And being generous can pay off later,” said Sabine.

This harvest is all one woman's idea.

“It's nice to do things for other people.”

"I knew that there was a need in our community. I did not know that it was as bad as it is,” said Organizer, Donna Strumphf.

Strumphf is teaching all of us a lesson in love.

"My main concern was to make sure that the children in this community had fresh vegetables this summer. So that they could have a good healthy experience and get them ready for school in the fall,” said Strumphf.

A group of volunteers she asked to come come together.

Even University of North Dakota students pitched in weekly.

Digging, planting and watering all summer.

"This is the first time I've ever done something like this in our group which is another reason why I'm so excited to come out here,” said Ross Womack, of the UND Lions Club.

On Monday, the group dropped off their final haul to the Salvation Army.

2,388 pounds.

"Oh my. I never thought we would even get 500 pounds. And 2388 pounds that's over a ton. I'm giddy like al little kid at Christmas time or something,” said Strumphf.

It's a record setting donation for the food pantry.

"We do have food drives that happen but just from an individual taking on a project here I haven't seen it in the three years since we've been here,” said Lt. Matthew Beatty, of the Salvation Army.

As they shut down the operation for the winter -- they're already thinking about ways to crush this year's weigh-in total.

"Now I have to set my goal at what? 3 thousand for next year?"

A labor of love for families in need.

"No child should go hungry. All it takes is a little bit of effort from all of us working together and we can stomp out hunger."