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Bake Sale for Sully: Community rallies around eight-year-old after seizure

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GRAND FORKS - A Grand Forks 8-year-old is recovering in a Minneapolis hospital, after a seizure.

On Wednesday from 4 to 6, Wonder Years Child Care Center is holding a bake sale to benefit one of their own, Sully Martens.

Beth Cose was driving home from a family reunion with her grandsons, Sully and Wyatt.

Sully, an 8-year-old boy, known for his big heart and sense of humor.

“I'd asked Sully if he'd had a good time, and he said, 'I sure did, Grandma.' Those were the last words I heard my grandson say,” said Sully’s Grandma, Beth Cose.

Moments later, Beth looked into her rearview mirror.

The former nurse knew something was wrong.

“He was in a full seizure in the back of the car,” Beth said.

There were no warning signs. Beth's instinct took over.

She pulled over, called 911, and started CPR.

“I was so shook up, I was praying the whole time too, I was praying to the Lord, don't take my grandson from me, please God--because I just watched him die twice in front of me, and he heard me, because he brought all these people around him,' Beth said.

Sully was airlifted to a Minneapolis hospital, meanwhile, another community was already joining together to help Sully, his day care.

“We just kind of started brainstorming how we could help with medical expenses, and of course the first thing to come to mind was a bake sale,” said Wonder Years Child Care Director, Paula Polasky.

Sully's facing a long recovery. His fellow daycare families are asking for your help to take care of one of their own.

“I'm in awe that they would do this for my grandson,” said Beth.

The doctors have theories but they still don't know exactly what caused the seizures in an otherwise healthy little boy.

The Traill County Sheriff's Office, the first responders to Beth's 911 call, are providing some baked goods for the sale.