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Grand Forks Air Force Base opens new dining facility

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GRAND FORKS, ND--On Thursday, the Grand Forks Air Force Base held a grand opening for its new dining facility.

The facility had been closed since April for renovations as the nearly one million dollar project took place.

So we decided to check it out.

Some of the new features include wider food options; like a pizza station, a taco bar, and a smoothie station.

The new facility also offers a variety of fresh, healthy food choices--branching away from standard cafeteria food.

The Base Commander says the dining hall sends an important message to the base.

"The investment. The fact that the Air Force was willing to invest almost a million dollars to do this for the dining facility in Grand Forks Air Force Base, sends a message to our airmen that what they do here on this base is important; that their mission is important,” said Grand Forks Air Force Base Commander, Col. Ben Spencer.

The new dining hall also comes with a new policy--the facility will now be open to everyone with base access--including family members.