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Grandstand fate still in limbo

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GRAND FORKS - The future of the historic Grand Forks grandstand is still up in limbo.

The Fairground Grandstand committee met Thursday night and hoped to decide its fate.

As of right now, the stand would require at least $60,000 worth of repairs, in order to be safe to use next summer.

A long term repair would cost about $1 million.

The 81 year old seats were christened by president Franklin D. Roosevelt - which is why some want to keep them.

While some hope to leave with a decision, others aren't so sure that's possible.

"We're going to have to come up with a solution for the next racing season and I don't think we're going to reach a long term solution by the next month or so,” Grand Forks County Commission Chairman Thomas Falck said.

One option is off the table - the grandstand will not be moved.